Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shipment of cattle from Australia arrives in Bintulu

ONE MORE TRIP: Some 1,498 heads of cattle which arrived at Bintulu Port yesterday will be driven to PPES Karabungan Farm in Miri and Kuching Abattoir.

BINTULU: A total of 1,498 head of cattle arrived safely at Bintulu Port yesterday after a 10-day journey from the PPES Ternak Sdn Bhd farm in Northern Territory Australia.

Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) general manager Soedirman Aini said the shipment was mainly to support the supply of live, fresh, clean, healthy and halal beef for the coming Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya Qurban.

“With this we should be able to meet the demand for live animal and fresh beef for any festive occasion, particularly Hari Raya Qurban,” he told reporters while waiting to unload the cattle from the NV Nine Eagle which departed from Karumba Port Australia last July 14.

Also present were PPES Ternak Sdn Bhd general manager Aslansia Yahya and its senior marketing executive Artino Arshad.

He said this shipment was evidence that Sarawak had enough fresh beef supplied by SEDC to cater to various occasions.

SEDC obtained its supply of cattle for the local market from its 300,000 hectare cattle farm in Northern Territory Australia, said Soedirman.

“This farm is four times bigger than Singapore and with the capacity of 30,000 animals, the farm in Northern Territory has been the main supplier of cattle for Sarawak until now,” he said.

Soedirman assured that the price was competitive and they aim to ensure enough beef for the coming Aidilfitri and Qurban at a reasonable price.

“Three quarters of the animals will be distributed to Karabungan because we have our feedlot to fatten the animals, we have to get these animals in good shape after the long 10 days’ journey from Australia,” he added.

The cattle, comprising breeders and carling, would be distributed to PPES Karabungan Farm in Miri and Kuching Abattoir, said Aslansia Yahya.

He said booking for live animals and fresh beef could be made through PPES Ternak Kuching at 082-482015 and PPES Ternak Miri at 085-739317.

The cattle is priced from RM3,800 to RM7,220 per head based on weight.

Additionally, fresh beef can also be purchased at SEDC Sarabif outlest at Jalan Mersawa in Bintawa, Satok and Kubah Ria Complex in Kuching.

SEDC has been the main player in the livestock industry in Sarawak, after taking over the Karabungan Farm in Miri and Kuching Abattoir in Kuching from Majuternak in 1982.

SEDC has another 14,700 hectare cattle farm in Queensland Australia to supply to the Australian market.

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