Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keep up with latest devt, Dr Rundi reminds community leaders

USE IT WELL: Dr Rundi (left) presents a mock cheque to a community leader as Tuah (second left) looks on.

BINTULU: Community leaders must continuously update themselves on latest developments in order to be able to serve effectively.

Assistant Minister of Public Health and Utilities Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi Utom warned that with the increase in the number of educated people in their community, they cannot afford to rest on their laurels as people’s demands are varied and complex.

“Community leaders must improve all the way and must not take it easy, especially on self-discipline, as they must be fair and just in giving service to the people,” he said.

He reminded them that serving the people should not be left to elected representatives only but is also their responsibility as they are the bridge with the grassroots, while explaining that community leaders’ appointments are reviewed every four years by the district officer.

Dr Rundi said this during the presentation of development grants totalling RM358,000 to some 32 recipients consisting of village development and security committees (JKKKs) and associations under Kemena constituency at the Resident’s Office here yesterday.

Commenting on longhouses yet to be given assistance by the government, he said, as a prerequisite, the JKKKs of the respective longhouses must be registered with the District Office.

“So for the community leaders, it is your administrative responsibility to inform your JKKKs of this annual fund. If you’re not registered, there will be no grant,” he said.

This grant by the government, he said, is to encourage the spirit of ‘gotong-royong’ among the people in rural areas in particular as it can be used to carry out development programmes or projects in their respective longhouses and villages.

In this light, he urged JKKKs that were given the grant to give the District Office significant feedbacks on their projects by letting them know their progress and what the grants were used for.

“This is important as it will be a reason for the government to give more grants if it’s proven a success and produces good impact,” said Dr Rundi.

He said to get the grant they must first apply by stating the reasons in detail, and assured that there would be no favouritism as long as funds were available.

Bintulu district officer Tuah Suni, who also spoke, reminded the community leaders who received the grants on behalf of their people to inform their JKKKs the amount of assistance and to use them wisely.

This, he said, was to avoid misunderstanding among residents which could lead to disunity in the longhouses.

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