Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rise in dengue cases cause of worry – Officer

BINTULU: Companies and factories operating here have been strictly reminded to ensure that their premises do not become aedes mosquito breeding grounds.

This reminder came from Bintulu Health Department officer Dr Abdul Rahim Abdullah who expressed his worry on the increase in dengue outbreaks around the industrial areas lately.

“This year alone, two cases of the epidemic had been recorded involving the industrial areas compared to only one case in 2010,” he said when delivering a talk on dengue and its prevention measures at BDA auditorium at Wisma Bintulu yesterday.

The talk jointly organised by Bintulu Health Department and Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) was attended by over 80 individuals comprising employers and representatives of the factories.

According to him 60 per cent of the 84 dengue cases reported this year, which is the highest in the state, involved workers at the industrial areas, which he said was a major concern as Bintulu was known for its heavy industry sector.

He said each and every person in the community, especially owners and employers of the factories and premises, should be more proactive by taking proper and immediate measures to control the breeding of aedes mosquitoes and spreading of the disease.

“We have conducted series of inspections and meeting with several factories’ management and we were told that some have their own health and safety committees,” he said.

He added that with the committee in place, they should comply with the Health Department’s call for people to spend at least 10 minutes a week to clean up their surroundings by enforcing it on their workers.

Dr Abdul Rahim disclosed that a total of 53 compounds amounting to RM5,210 had been issued from January to July this year, with some 48 compounds paid and the rest pending court order.

He said so far no deaths due to dengue were reported this year.

He also advised the public to keep their premises free of aedes mosquito breeding grounds, cautioning them that the department’s enforcement team would not be issuing warning letters anymore and that they would immediately be slapped with a compound of RM500 if found to harbour the mosquitoes.

Sg Asap’s tourism and aquaculture potential should be developed — Chin

Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui

BINTULU: The federal and state government must work together in providing enough economic activity for the people in Sg Asap, Belaga.

Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui said the area is not only a major source of electricity but has good potential in the tourism and aquaculture sector.

“I am sure the federal tourism ministry will cooperate with the state to attract enough tourists to the area,” he said when met yesterday.

According to him, even the prime minister himself is very concerned about the welfare of the Sg Asap residents along with the development of the Bakun hydroelectric dam.

In another development he said the seventh unit of eight turbines at the Bakun dam would be operational by October.

“Once it’s operational it will give Sarawak’s whole electricity grid enough reserve cushion to ensure what happened the other day will not occur,” he said.

Chin added the hydro project is very impressive and could refurbish the electricity need of Sarawak.
There are eight turbines that can operate a maximum of 300 megawatt with an installed capacity of 2,400 megawatt, with four units installed.

Unit eight is operational and can generate 181 megawatt of electricity, said Chin who was accompanied by Tenaga Nasional Berhad chairman Tan Sri Leo Moggie and Hulu Rejang MP Datuk Billy Abit Joo.

They had earlier visited the dam and Sg Asap resettlement.

Sighting of Syawal moon on Aug 29

KUALA LUMPUR: The Office of the Keeper of the Rulers' Seal on Tuesday announced 30 locations for the sighting of the Syawal moon on Aug 29 to determine the date for Aidilfitri this year.

The Conference of Rulers have agreed that determining the Aidilfitri date would be based on "rukyah" (sighting of the new moon) and "hisab" (astronomical calculations), with the announcement to be made on Monday night over radio and television.

A statement from the Office of the Keeper of the Rulers' seal said the locations for the sighting of the Syawal moon included Pontian Kecil (Johor)Kompleks Falak Al-Khawarizmi, Kampung Balik Batu in Tanjung Bidara (Melaka), Teluk Kemang in Port Dickson (Negeri Sembilan), Bukit Melawati, Pulau Angsa, Bukit Jugra and Balai Cerap Selangor (Selangor), Pantai Pasir Panjang in Manjong (Perak), Pusat Falak Sheikh Tahir in Pantai Aceh (Penang), and Kampung Pulau Sayak, Pemandangan Indah Langkawi and Alor Setar Tower (Kedah).

In Terengganu, the locations are Bukit Besar in Kuala Terengganu, Bukit Kemuning in Kemaman, Pulau Perhentian, and Balai Cerap KUSZA in Setiu.

The locations in Kelantan are Bukit Peraksi in Pasir Putih, Bukit Kampung Tembeling in Kuala Krai and the SEDC tower block in Kota Baharu, and in Pahang the locations are Bukit Tanjong Batu in Nenasi, Gunung Berincang in Cameron Highlands and Bukit Pelindong.

The other locations for the sighting are Kuala Sungai Baru in Perlis, Kuala Lumpur Tower in the federal capital, Putrajaya International Convention Centre in Putrajaya, Tanjong Lubang in Miri, Teluk Bandung in Kuching and Tanjung Batu in Bintulu (Sarawak), and Balai Cerap Al-Biruni in Tanjung Dumpil and Universiti Malaysia Sabah tower block (Sabah). - Bernama

Dangerous stretches identified

The multipurpose vehicle is a mangled wreck after the accident at Km38 of Jalan Sri Aman-Sarikei in Sarawak .-Bernama picture
KUCHING: The Sarawak Road Safety Department has identified 25 accident-prone road stretches in the state, says director Rano Alywino Akat.

He said the stretches in Kuching were Sultan Tengah Road, KM7 to KM15 of Matang Road, Stephen Yong Road, 7th to 15th mile of Kuching-Serian Road, KM69 of Lundu Road and Tabuan Jaya-Kota Samarahan Road.

In Samarahan, the stretches were KM38 to KM59 of Kuching-Serian Road, KM86 to KM87, also of Kuching-Serian Road and Tondong-Bau Road.

In Sri Aman, the stretches were KM6 and KM106 to KM112 of Sri Aman-Kuching Road, KM20 of Sri Aman-Sarikei Road and KM16 to KM19 of Simpang Bukit Punda Road.

In Miri, the stretches were KM40 of Miri-Bintulu Coastal Road, Bakam-Luak Road, KM9 of Pujut-Lutong Road, KM5 of Miri by-pass and KM13 of Lambir-Niah-Bintulu Road.

In Sarikei, the accident-prone stretches were KM33 to KM38 of Saratok-Sarikei Road and KM25 of Bukit Sebangkoi Road; in Sibu, 6th to 13th mile of Oya Road and 32nd to 37th mile of Sibu-Bintulu Road; and in Bintulu, KM23 of Bintulu-Sibu Road, KM15 of Kidurong-Bintulu Road and KM30 of Similajau- Niah Road.

Rano said over the past three years, there had been a rise in the number of road accidents in Sarawak.

He said road accident fatalities had also risen, from 323 in 2008 to 332 in 2009 and 365 in 2010.

“Sarawak recorded a loss in economic terms of RM4.13bil between 2000 and 2010 as a result of deaths due to road accidents,” he said. — Bernama

Bintulu Port’s diversification to provide earnings excitement

TO BE FINALISED: Photo shows tug boats at Bintulu Port’s marine berth. Kenanga Research says Bintulu Port’s tariff revisions were yet to be finalised by the government.

KUCHING: Bintulu Port Holdings Bhd’s (Bintulu Port) has submitted a proposal to build and operate Samalaju Port following the state government’s invitation, according to analysts.

Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad (Kenanga Research) saw this as a catalyst for Bintulu Port where a more diversified customer base would provide some earnings excitement to the group despite its dependence on liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessels.

The research house said due to its net cash position at 68 sen per share, there was more room for Bintulu Port to expand rather than pure dividend play counter.

On the company’s result, the research house stated that overall, the financial year 2010 (FY10) net profit of RM150 million came in within expectations.

Kenanga Research saw the cargo volume and vessel calls to be higher by five per cent year-on-year (y-o-y).
The research house stated that the cost-cutting measurement implemented since the financial year 2009 (FY09) to weather the economic crisis had contributed positively to its operating profit which saw its earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) increased from 43 per cent to 48 per cent.

Kenanga Research said the declared dividend of 15 sen in the fourth quarter of 2010 (4Q10) made up the full year financial year 2010 (FY10) total declared dividend at 37.5 sen.

The research house pointed out that the total revenue was higher by 5.9 per cent as ports service revenue increased by 2.7 per cent.

Kenanga Research highlighted that the dry bulk segment had improved by more than 300 per cent during the quarter while the cargo and LNG segment revenue was lower by 13 per cent. It added that the net profit was nine per cent higher as due to better traffic in the quarter.

Nonetheless, the research house was not entirely bullish on the financial year 2011 (FY11) global economic growth as it expected Bintulu Port’s traffic to improve moderately at the average of two to three per cent.

The key risk of Kenanga Research’s assumption was higher than expected LNG vessel calls during the peak of global crude oil prices.

Still, the research house said Bintulu Port’s tariff revisions were yet to be finalised by the government. It added that the management reiterated that there were no meaningful updates at this juncture.

Overall, Kenanga Research pegged Bintulu Port’s shares with the target price at RM6.83 per share.

The Borneo Post Online

Bintulu Port outlines five-year strategic plan

PROPOSED BUSINESSES: Photo shows the board of directors of Bintulu Port during the press conference which followed the AGM. Bintulu Port reveals its three new proposed businesses under its five-year Strategic Plan.
KUCHING: In a written response to a list of questions received from the Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group (MSWG), Bintulu Port Holdings Bhd (Bintulu Port) outlined its plans for the future to develop new businesses and attract more traffic.

During a press conference after its Annual General Meeting (AGM) earlier this week, the group said that MSWG had forwarded some questions which enquired on the group’s proposals for the future.

Touching on the group’s aim to reduce dependency on liquefied natural gas (LNG) to 60 per cent in the next couple of years, MSWG enquired with regards to the group’s progress in developing new businesses and in attracting traffic.

Bintulu Port responded by revealing its three new proposed businesses under its five-year Strategic Plan.
The first was to set up a new marine subsidiary to provide services to this port and other port. The implementation of this plan had been rescheduled to 2011-2015.

“Another proposal is to develop a Free Commercial Zone (FCZ) in the port for the promotion of trade and value-added activities,” Bintulu Port added in the response. “This has been approved by the appropriate authorities and management is currently taking the necessary action to set up the FCZ.”

Bintulu Port’s final proposal was the development of oil and gas terminal/small craft harbour. This was awaiting proposal from the relevant authorities for the project’s implementation.

The group reminded that despite the new businesses which had experienced some delay, the management had successfully implemented several businesses, including the development of a Container Freight Station (CFS) and its related services.

“The CFS had been completed and expected to be operational by the middle of this year. This project would widen the scope of the group’s container handling services and expected to contribute additional revenue of about RM2 million per year,” it added.

Also, the group had also successfully implemented the provision of bulk fertiliser handling services as well as bulk cargo handling services to new cargo, both using the port’s own appointed contractor, thereby achieving better productivity and higher margin.

The group had also adopted several strategies to attract traffic to its ports, one of which was by having continuous capacity and capability building to ensure that the port would always have sufficient facilities and efficient services for the handling of vessel and cargo.

In addition, the group would have an appropriate Terminal Service Agreement and offering of incentive to potential port users especially in the main line operator which could bring in more cargo and containers to the port.

Touching on the achievements vis-à-vis the major Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Bintulu Port in 2010, it was noted that they had been based on four major areas and similar KPIs would be used for 2011.

The group had achieved a KPI of 40.63 million tonnes of cargo throughput, revenue of RM473.53 million, expenditure of RM275.73 million, profit before tax of RM197.79 million and profit after tax of RM150.32 million for 2010.

Bintulu Port noted that MSWG was satisfied with the answers to its queries.

The Borneo Post Online

Mustapa: South Korean company wants to set up business in Bintulu

KUCHING: Many international companies are zeroing in on Sarawak to locate their operations and one in particular is a South Korean company dealing in the manufacturing of silicon metal.

International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said during his recent visit to South Korea, he met with a company there which had expressed keen interest in setting up a base in Bintulu.

“They have come here 10 times in the past five to six months and they want to make a decision by September,” he told a press conference at the Sarawak Domestic Investment Seminar here yesterday.

He said there were only two issues obstructing the confirmation — electricity tariff and the availability of land.

Mustapa said the company was currently negotiating the tariff rates and had been talking to Bintulu Development Authority requesting for a hundred acres.

He hoped a decision would be made in the next few weeks, adding that the company was bringing in an investment of around RM1bil.

Mustapa said in the past one year, there had been a lot of interest in Sarawak and as of this month, the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (Mida) had arranged a total of 180 visits for 34 companies to Samalaju Industrial Park.

He said these potential investors were mainly involved in the energy-intensive industries.

“This clearly showed that people are beginning to see the potential of Sarawak and I say this not only for manufacturing but also in the eco-tourism, hotel and agriculture sector. We expect this interest to pick up,” he said.

He went on to say that in the first six months of this year, Mida had approved RM3.6bil in investments in manufacturing for Sarawak compared to the RM3.9bil secured for the whole of last year.

As such, he believes Sarawak was in for a very good investment year.

He also assured that the Federal Government would help Sarawak wherever possible and this included improving and maintaining the industrial infrastructure in the state.

He said RM90mil had been provided for water supply connection to cater to the 10 companies operating in the Samalaju Industrial Park.


Additional collection service to get rid of festive waste

BINTULU: Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd, Bintulu Branch has announced that there will be additional collection services on the eve of Hari Raya on Aug 29 for several locations here.

The additional service on this date will start from 8pm until midnight while the affected residential areas are Kampung Baru, Taman Sebiew Indah (SPPS A), Taman Sebiew Indah (SPPS B), Kpg Jepak, Kampung Assyakirin Phase 1,2 & 3, Kampung Kuala Segan, Sg.Plan Lot, Taman Sri Pelabuhan, Taman Asean /ABF/MLNG Housing, Jalan Kampung Kemunting, BDA Flats/Government, RPR Kidurong Phase 1,2,3 & 4, RPR Sebiyu, Kampung Penan, Batu 10.

In addition, the same locations would again be provided with additional collection on the second day of Hari Raya on Aug 31.

Trienekens Bintulu manager Thaddeus Wong explained that the services were to cater for increasing waste volumes during the festive period.

“With the extra services, we advise the residents to dispose of their waste early to avoid missed collections which can lead to overwhelmingly excessive waste.

“Besides, so as to prevent over spillage and to ensure a clean environment during the celebration, additional rubbish that cannot fit the bins must be kept inside a garbage bag, tied securely and placed next to the bins for easy collection. Any liquid should be drained or separated to minimise leachate,” added Wong.

The collection days for other residential areas other than these locations will continue as normal.

Bintulu residents are also reminded to push out their wheel bins before 5am on collection day.

For further clarification regarding the services in their respective area during this festive period, the public have been advised to call Trienekens Bintulu’s Hotline 086-253 959.

Ministry launches festive price control scheme

ENSURING FAIR PRICE AND SUFFICIENT SUPPLY: Ismail (right) cuts the rope as a gimmick to launch the scheme as Idrus (second left) and Lee (fourth left) look on.

BINTULU:  The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (MDTCC) launched the Hari Raya 2011 festive season price control scheme for Bintulu Division including Tatau and Sebauh sub-districts yesterday which will take effect for 15 days from August 23 until September 6.

It was officially launched by Bintulu Resident Ismail Mohd Hanis at MDS (Kemena) Supermarket. Also present were MDTCC Bintulu branch assistant enforcement officer Idrus Nalin and MDS (Kemena) manager Lee Shing Kai.

The scheme involves 20 items, namely live chicken, standard chicken, super chicken, local beef, imported beef, local buffalo meat, imported buffalo meat (India), chicken eggs grade A, B and C, imported round cabbage, red chilli, tomato, whole coconut (wholesale level only), grated coconut (retail level only), shallot (India), imported onion, imported garlic (China) and Indian mackerel.

Idrus advised traders to attach pink price tags on the price-controlled items to let consumers know about

He said the scheme was launched to ensure adequate supply and affordable price of the items during this festive season.

He also said traders failing to comply with the controlled prices would be compounded under Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011.

Traders not displaying price tags and pink price tags would be compounded RM100 and those selling the items above their controlled prices would be slapped with a compound of RM250 (minimum) and RM5,000 (maximum) while corporations can be compounded up to RM250,000.

Complaints can be forwarded to MDTCC Bintulu branch at 086-332176 or emailed to or by visiting e-aduan at http:///

Prompt action against illegal loggers

SFC re-activates operation to curb unauthorised logging at Bakun

KUCHING: Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) will re-activate its operation to stamp out illegal logging at the Bakun Dam catchment area following fresh reports of the illegal activities.

Second Minister of Planning and Resource Management Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan told the media yesterday that the operation would start immediately to curb the illegal loggers and gangsters who have been harassing the locals, harvesting logs illegally and hampering the daily collection of debris and floating logs in the lake.

Awang Tengah, who is also Minister of Public Utilities, added that the SFC had conducted a major operation against illegal logging from April till June this year, which resulted in the seizure of 500 logs and an illegal sawmill.

“The operation was stopped in the belief that the illegal activities would not happen again. However, SFC will activate the operation as soon as possible to address the illegal logging activities.

“We are grateful to all local community leaders who have highlighted the matter to us. To fight such illegal activities, cooperation from the people is very much needed. The government encourages the people to lodge reports so that immediate action could be taken,” he said at a press conference held at his office at Wisma Sumber Alam in Petra Jaya yesterday.

Awg Tengah also said that SFC had issued a licence for the collection of debris and floating logs within the 5km radius of the Bakun Dam to a company called Wargana Consortium Sdn Bhd formed by the local people themselves, for the period from July 15 this year till Jan 14, 2012.

It was reported in this paper yesterday that illegal loggers and gangsters had been conducting their activities at the Bakun Lake for the past 10 months. The presence of these outsiders had created fear among the locals looking for fish, wild animals and other jungle produce in the area.

Representatives of the Orang Ulu in Belaga led by Pemanca Tony Kulleh and Ajang Sirek expressed concern aboutthe possibility of untoward incidents happening between the local people and ‘rival business groups’ involved in the illegal logging activities.

Urging the government to act immediately, the leaders said that the groups had already brought in their heavy machineries, tugboats, speedboats and the likes. Many others are engaged in armed gangsterism for protection and to threaten others.

The residents are also complaining of log jams at the jetty near the dam site due to the illegal logging activities. They also complained that they were forced to sell the logs that they themselves fell to these gangsters.

by Geryl Ogilvy Ruekeith

Police can’t investigate without official report — Belaga OCPD

BINTULU: Belaga district police chief DSP Bakar Sebau said the police had detained four lorries in the Bakun area so far this year after they were found to be transporting illegally-harvested logs.

However, he added the police could only launch an investigation into allegations of illegal logging and gangsterism at Bakun lake if an official report was made.

Bakar was commenting on a front-page report in The Borneo Post yesterday that outsiders, including gangsters, have been illegally harvesting   logs with impunity at Bakun lake for the past 10 months.

He said the local police had not receive any report thus far regarding the allegations adding that the police were constantly monitoring illegal logging activities in the area and were working closely with the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC).

“Report to the police if any suspicious activities, including illegal logging and gangsterism, occur in your area so that we can investigate and find out whether or not there is any basis to the allegations,” he said when contacted.

The activities were said to have struck fear among locals looking for fish, wild animals and jungle produce to make a living, compelling their community leaders to call on the relevant enforcement agencies to tackle the problem.

Representatives of the Orang Ulu in Belaga, led by Pemanca Umek Jeno, Pemanca Tony Kulleh and Pemanca Ajang Sirek, had expressed concern over the possibility of untoward incidents occurring among the locals, or between rival business groups, over the illegal activity.

The Belaga OCPD also disclosed that the police had only received one report from the Bakun area made by a group of individuals on August 18, but said it was not related to the allegations.

“As of today (yesterday), we have not received any report involving threats, intimidation or assaults in the area,” he stressed.

Illegal loggers protected by gangsters harvesting logs and creating fear for the past 10 months

They have brought in heavy machinery, tugboats, speedboats and longboats to the area. - Representative of Community leaders - Photo Edit by Roystein Emmor    

BINTULU: Illegal loggers and gangsters have been harvesting logs illegally and with impunity at Bakun lake for the past 10 months, disturbing and hampering the daily collection of debrisin it.

The presence of these outsiders has created fear among locals looking for fish, wild animals and other jungle produce to make a living.

Representatives of the Orang Ulu in Belage led by Pemanca Umek Jeno, Pemanca Tony Kulleh and Pemanca Ajang Sirek expressed concern over the possibility of untoward incidents occurring among the local people or between rival business groups involved in this illegal activity.

They urged the government to act immediately – through its enforcement and security agencies – against rampant illegal logging activities being carried out by these outsiders around the Bakun lake area.

“They have brought in heavy machinery, tugboats, speedboats and longboats to the area and some even engaged well-armed ‘gangsters’ for protection and to threaten others,” they said. Another complaint from local residents is logs from the illegal logging often cause log jams at the jetty near the dam site, said the leaders.

“We hope the authorities concerned will act fast and put a stop to this as it is not good for the district and can jeopardise the safety of residents involved in site clearing for fish-farming projects in the lake.

“Some locals who do the clearing for fish farming complain that they were forced to sell the logs they fell to these so-called Bakun gangsters.”

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keep up with latest devt, Dr Rundi reminds community leaders

USE IT WELL: Dr Rundi (left) presents a mock cheque to a community leader as Tuah (second left) looks on.

BINTULU: Community leaders must continuously update themselves on latest developments in order to be able to serve effectively.

Assistant Minister of Public Health and Utilities Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi Utom warned that with the increase in the number of educated people in their community, they cannot afford to rest on their laurels as people’s demands are varied and complex.

“Community leaders must improve all the way and must not take it easy, especially on self-discipline, as they must be fair and just in giving service to the people,” he said.

He reminded them that serving the people should not be left to elected representatives only but is also their responsibility as they are the bridge with the grassroots, while explaining that community leaders’ appointments are reviewed every four years by the district officer.

Dr Rundi said this during the presentation of development grants totalling RM358,000 to some 32 recipients consisting of village development and security committees (JKKKs) and associations under Kemena constituency at the Resident’s Office here yesterday.

Commenting on longhouses yet to be given assistance by the government, he said, as a prerequisite, the JKKKs of the respective longhouses must be registered with the District Office.

“So for the community leaders, it is your administrative responsibility to inform your JKKKs of this annual fund. If you’re not registered, there will be no grant,” he said.

This grant by the government, he said, is to encourage the spirit of ‘gotong-royong’ among the people in rural areas in particular as it can be used to carry out development programmes or projects in their respective longhouses and villages.

In this light, he urged JKKKs that were given the grant to give the District Office significant feedbacks on their projects by letting them know their progress and what the grants were used for.

“This is important as it will be a reason for the government to give more grants if it’s proven a success and produces good impact,” said Dr Rundi.

He said to get the grant they must first apply by stating the reasons in detail, and assured that there would be no favouritism as long as funds were available.

Bintulu district officer Tuah Suni, who also spoke, reminded the community leaders who received the grants on behalf of their people to inform their JKKKs the amount of assistance and to use them wisely.

This, he said, was to avoid misunderstanding among residents which could lead to disunity in the longhouses.

Dr Rundi: Don’t be influenced by rumours spread through Internet

BINTULU: State Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi Utom has reminded the people here not to be easily deceived by rumours spread through the Internet as the 13th general election draws nearer.

He said he had to give this reminder as it was inevitable that many people would come across these postings in blogs and web portals put up by those who were out to create issues against the BN government.

“Nowadays, anybody can write anything. Don’t be easily fooled by the rumours because there must be hidden agenda behind them,” the Kemena assemblyman told local community leaders from his constituency yesterday.

He urged them to do self-reflection on their stand, their livelihood, how much the government had done and how many areas should be improved rather than be enticed by the unfounded rumours that could split the community.

At the same time, he told them that under the National Key Results Area, the government needed to spend about RM1.7 billion to provide electricity to all villages in the state by next year, and pointed out that out of 77,000 families targeted about 12,000 had been supplied with electricity.

“In order to achieve this, the country needs political stability and security,” he said when referring to the recent riots that occurred in London.

He thus urged them to learn from the incident which had crippled the city.

Citing Bersih and MoCS (Movement for Change Sarawak) as another threat to national stability, he feared some opportunists would take advantage of their action for their personal agenda and called the movements’ demand for free and fair elections groundless.

MoCS’ ‘Walk for Democracy and Reforms in Sarawak’ last Saturday was called off in the interest of public safety.

On a related development, Dr Rundi said the state BN was carrying out intensive and critical preparation for the coming general election which would be called at any time by the Prime Minister.

“I just came back from a meeting with the Prime Minister with other state BN leaders and he (PM) showed his seriousness for us to be fully prepared for the coming election,” he said.

He believed BN’s success in the recent state election by retaining more than two-thirds majority to form the government would be a tonic for greater success in the coming general election.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Majlis penyerahan sumbangan masjid dan surau bahagian Bintulu

Tabung Baitulmal Sarawak (TBS) telah menganjurkan majlis penyerahan sumbangan masjid dan surau bagi bahagian Bintulu bertempat di Masjid Assyakirin Bintulu.

Seramai 74 orang wakil jawatankuasa masjid dan surau di bahagian Bintulu menerima sumbangan berjumlah RM74,000 bertujuan untuk membantu dari segi kewangan bagi membiayai aktiviti-aktiviti yang dianjurkan oleh masjid dan surau semasa bulan Ramadhan.

Dalam majlis yang sama, seramai 622 orang penerima bantuan Aidilfitri turut menerima sumbangan berjumlah RM62,200 (RM100 seorang) bagi tujuan mencukupi perbelanjaan pada Hari Raya pertama khususnya dalam keperluan asas seperti makanan dan minuman.

Upacara penyerahan disempurnakan oleh menteri muda pelancongan dan warisan (Adun Jepak) Datuk Talib Zulpilip.

Sebagai sebuah institusi yang telah dipertanggungjawabkan oleh Majlis Islam Sarawak dalam pengurusan zakat di negeri Sarawak, sehingga 31 Julai 2011, TBS telah mengagihkan bantuan sebanyak RM13.4 juta melalui tiga program utamanya iaitu: Program mengukuhkan tradisi keilmuan; program memantapkan kebajikan ummah dan program membangunkan institusi Islam.