Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rakan Muda keeps youths on right path

QUALITY and proactive youths are vital human capital assets to help the country achieve greater success and stability.

The Bintulu Divisional Youth and Sports Office recently organised six programmes, based on this theme, for its Rakan Muda members, mostly in Bintulu and Tatau District, to enhance the potential of the young generation with positive inputs.

Three of the programmes were held in Tatau District and Bintulu Division within three weeks, according to the officer-in-charge Mohamad Zakry Kiprawi.

The first programme — Program Rakan Muda Masyarakat (Menabur Bakti) — was held at Bintulu General Hospital on Oct 31, involving 45 participants from Tatau.

According to Zakry, among the activities were blood donations and presentation of hampers at the children’s ward.

The object, he said, was to help “open the eyes and mind” of the youths taking part in the programme to the plight of the needy.

Hopefully, they would learn to appreciate the need to help the less fortunate through community service programmes.

The second programme — Program Rakan Muda (Graffiti Clinic) — on Nov 7 involved 47 students from SMK Tatau who were given basic training on graffiti art by a trainer from Bintulu GIAT Mara.

Zakry said the clinic was aimed at training the students to appreciate fine art and be creative and innovative.

“Who knows, one day, maybe one or three of them would become famous graffiti artistes,” he told thesundaypost.

It was the first programme of its kind to be held in Tatau and the response was very good — even the principal of SMK Tatau, Umpang Keling, was very supportive of the programme.

Umpang promised to hold a similar programme soon for the students to develop their talents in fine art.

Meanwhile, the third programme — Program Rakan Muda Kecergasan (Dynamic Youth) — on Nov 8 was also held at SMK Tatau with over 50 youths attending.

Zakry said it was actually a clinic to teach the youths proper aerobic exercise, adding that the participants were also encouraged to get to know each other by working together.

“It was in line with the government’s aspiration to produce a healthy young generation through wholesome activities.”

The participants learned aerobic exercise modules such as fit ball, jump rope and foot step with a correct tempo, from experienced coaches.

The fourth programme — Program Rakan Muda Inovasi (Blog Clinic) — was held at the ICT lab of Universiti Putra Malaysia Bintulu campus with about 70 youths from Bintulu taking part.

The participants were taught by an experienced blogger from Bintulu Hikmah how to create their own blogs.

“This is the first programme of its kind to be organised by the Divisional Youth and Sports Office, and probably also the first in the state, involving Rakan Muda members,” Zakry said.

He added that the object was to help the participants master an ICT skill so that they could acquire knowledge and swap views online.

The fifth programme — Program Rakan Muda Kecergasan aerobic exercise clinic (Dynamic Youth) — was held on the field of Bintulu Civic Centre and attracted over 42 participants. It was similar to the one held in Tatau earlier.

The sixth and last programme was Program Rakan Muda Seni Budaya (street happening) held at the Pentagon Square of Parkcity Mall.

About 60 participants, including the shuffle groups from Bintulu, took part. The shuffle dance contest was won by Hard Base Addict Group.

The shuffle dance is not new to the young generation and most youths like it because of its dual function — entertainment and promotion of good health as a from of exercise.

Zakry is the coordinator of the programmes and also responsible for the Rakan Muda Movement of Parliament 217 Bintulu.

He urged the youths in Bintulu and nearby areas to be part of Rakan Muda by participating in its activities and most importantly, registering themselves with the movement to have even better exposure to its programmes.

To date, Rakan Muda has about 2,600 members in Bintulu Division.

“By taking part in our programmes, the youths will gain experience and knowledge that will help them to be positive, proactive and productive in line with our aim to produce free-crime generation,” Zakry said.

According to him, before any programme is finalised, its relevance to the youths will be considered to ensure the items drawn up are interesting and beneficial for sustained long-term participation.

Zakry said the programmes would not be successful without all-round support and he thanked the related government agencies for their continued assistance.

For enquiries on other upcoming activities of Rakan Muda, call 086-333786 or fax 086-312028.

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