Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Company praised for role in Bintulu’s devt

BINTULU: Laku Management Sdn Bhd plays a significant role in propelling Bintulu towards its vision of becoming a developed town in the near future.

Bintulu Resident Ismail Mohd Hanis, who is the new Laku director, said besides providing and meeting domestic demand for clean water supply, Laku also played the very important role of supplying water for the industrial sector.

He said the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) is going to be another great challenge for Laku and its management, in line with the increase of raw water demand for industry as well as domestic consumption.

“Laku is quite lucky to have good leadership on a corporate level, to give clear direction so that the staff will be able to strive to achieve the company’s vision and mission collectively,” said Ismail when officiating at the Laku annual dinner on Friday.

He added that Laku also needs to continue its emphasis on high quality services in the effort to be certified as a world class company.

Ismail also praised Laku for its initial introduction of the 5S (Seiri/Sorting, Seiton/Straightening, Seiso/Shining, Seiketsu/Standardising and Shitsuke/Sustaining) methodology, which is now being implemented by the Resident’s Office and District Office staff.

Earlier, Laku area manager Chang Kuet Shian said Laku’s 5S competition aimed to instil greater discipline and commitment to work among staff.

He said Laku has always emphasised the importance of safety and health.

“Indeed there was a lot of resistance at the very beginning of the implementation but we have succeeded in breaking the barrier to jump-start to a new level in safety and health quality,” said Chang.

In the 5S main office category, the winner was Zon Ceria, followed by Zon Gemilang, Zon Smile, Zon Harmoni and Zon Dedikasi. While in the plan office category, Zon Versatile took first place followed by Zon M&E, Zon Plant, Zon Chemical and Zone Security.

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