Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Avoid panic buying of sugar

BINTULU: Consumers here are advised to avoid panic buying of sugar since there is sufficient stock in the market with more to arrive after Dec 17.
Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism (MDTCC) Bintulu branch acting chief Muhammad Daud Ali, making the call yesterday, said there is no scarcity of sugar here but “the ship that’s supposed to deliver the stock has not arrived yet due to the bad weather.”

He said the ship is expected to arrive here on Dec 17 and he hoped consumers would not panic as the situation will be back to normal by then.

Muhammad told reporters in a press conference at his office that as of 11.15am yesterday, Bintulu still had about 125.774 metric tonnes of sugar in stock with another 240 metric tonnes coming in stages.

“The thing now is those in the industry like coffee shop owners and other industry players which are the biggest consumers had purchased the sugar in large quantities, especially from supermarkets to continue their operation.

“This caused a slight shortage of sugar in the supermarket and consumers experienced difficulty getting their supply for daily use,” he said.

Thus to avoid a similar problem in the next few days before the ship arrived, Muhammad urged those in the industry to get assistance from MDTCC branch office here if they need sugar in large quantities.

“Come to our office and we will find the wholesalers that can cater to your daily operation so it would not disrupt household supply and public consumption,” he said.

Muhammad reminded shop owners to carry out good business practices and avoid hiding sugar as it would inconvenience consumers.

He advised the traders to put price tags on all items on their premises, and warned wholesalers not to hide or stock up sugar in places outside their warehouse as it is an offence.

“So we are hoping to get good cooperation from traders and wholesalers as well as consumers regarding this matter,” he added.

The rumour had spread yesterday after some consumers said they could not find sugar in many shops, while another consumer said only 2kg of sugar was allowed per customer.

Muhammad assured that mini markets would settle the shortage of sugar supply within two or three days.

For enquiries or complaints, contact MDTCC Bintulu branch office at 086-332176.

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