Wednesday, December 16, 2009

350 trainees to be offered jobs

BINTULU: Sarawak Planted Forest (SPF) Training Centre at Samarakan Nursery in collaboration with the Department of Skills Development in the Human Resource Ministry is planning to offer employment to some 350 trainees in 2010.

SPF general manager Dr Joseph Jawa Kendawang said SPF training centre at Samarakan nursery offers huge opportunities to the local people, especially the youths, to obtain essential skills in forest-related field.

He said the skills that they acquired would be useful in their future undertakings, particularly for Form 5 school leavers to get jobs if they decided not to further their studies.

Dr Joseph was speaking at the first anniversary celebration of the training centre and at the same time presented the first 30 trainees with their certificates of completion for their respective courses at SPF training centre in Ulu Tatau about an hour drive from here yesterday.

According to him, the courses are also available for graduates and professionals to enhance their skills and add value to their current knowledge and understanding particularly on forest field.

In 2010, Dr Joseph said the training centre has several courses to offer namely in harvesting, silviculture, workshops and youth development programme.

Out of 350 new trainees to be targeted, in harvesting there will be 20 trainees in forest surveyors, 20 inventory crews, 30 clearing contract staff and 60 to 120 contract tree fellers and machine operators.

Meanwhile in silviculture the training centre is targeting to train about 60 contract silviculture workers, said Dr Joseph.

In workshops and youth development programme there will be 80 automotive trade apprentices and 80 trainee forestry cadets respectively, he added.

He disclosed that since it opened on Dec 12, 2008, this year the training centre has successfully trained and up-skilled around 3,000 trainees in all courses available.

“We have trained 1,200 persons in silviculture skills, 30 in automotive trade apprenticeship, 150 persons in harvesting skills and 52 individuals in youth development.

“There are also around 2,500 trainees in various aspects of environment safety and health programme, 103 persons in emergency response and about 100 individuals on graduate industrial attachment,” said Dr Joseph.

He pointed out that among the main objective of the opening of SPF training centre at Samarakan nursery was to supply high quality wood or raw material for the mill and timber industries.

But the most important thing is the training centre also tried to uplift the social economic status of the local people staying within the planted forest zone particularly the young generation from the various longhouses with the needed skills for future working force and be competitive, he said, adding that closer cooperation by the locals are mostly required.

Also present at the function were Grand Perfect Sdn Bhd general manager Ling Chii Huo, SPF Training Centre Samarakan nursery training manager Riwhi Diamond and Dr Caroline Mohammed and Dr Anthony Francis from Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research.

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