Friday, July 3, 2009

Love, care, treasure your respective organisation: Toastmaster governor

BINTULU: Members of various clubs and organisations here have been urged to love, care and treasure their respective clubs and organisations.

Toastmasters International Division E governor Bobo Wong when making the call pointed out that it take years of effort, blood and sweat to develop a successful club or organisation but just a while to destroy it.

He was speaking at the Toastmasters International District 51 Division 51 Division E2 appreciation night held at Li Hua Hotel here last Monday.

Wong said members should commit themselves 100 per cent in a club or organisation to make sure they benefit from the club as well as the club benefit from their participation.

“How often do we see some people taking things for granted, quarrelling out of personal interest and eventually have the whole club destroyed,” he said.

He added that some join various clubs and organisations for their own interests and without realising it, they slowly destroy the organisation because they are not functioning as active members.

He also shared with his audience some tips for success which can be emulated in order to be a good leader in a club or organisation.

“The first key to leadership success is to stay focused and concentrate on what you are doing,” he said.

“When I first accepted the position of division governor, I told myself that I would focus and commit to only one club, which is Toastmasters.

“I would decline invitations to some dinners or parties, I would reject offer of leadership positions from other organisation because I wanted to commit myself fully to Toastmasters,” he added.

“Second, is to lead by example. As a leader in this non-profit voluntary organisation we cannot force or threaten our members to do the work but we can set a good example for them to follow and at the same time, we must be willing to put in extra effort to get the job done.

“The third key to be a successful leader is to listen to others. A humble leader is willing to listen to other people’s ideas and implement them if they are proven to be effective,” he added.

Seven Toastmasters’ clubs here received their certificate of appreciation: Kidurong, Mandarin, Toastmasters, Hakka, SUPP, Foochow and Agile Performance Culture.

Outstanding members from the various clubs also received their respective awards presented by Wong. Lim Tien King was awarded Areas E2 Toastmaster of the year award.

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