Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Be creative in business ventures, Dayaks told

One must continue to improve and possess ability to discover new business potentials, says Ujang
ATTENTIVE: Participants in one of the several sessions in the DCCI-Smidec workshop
BINTULU: Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) deputy president Dato Sri Celestine Ujang yesterday called on all Dayak entrepreneurs to continue to work hard and acquire as much knowledge and skills in order to succeed in their business ventures.

“They have to be dedicated, innovative and creative and must have the ability to manage their business well. It is up to us to be serious businessmen and know the opportunities available.

“There is no short-cut to success in business. One must continue to improve and possess the ability to discover new business potentials and seize whatever opportunities provided either by private or government agencies,” said Ujang when officiating at the Smidec (Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation) workshop jointly organised by Smidec and State Ministry of Industrial Development at ParkCity Everly Hotel here yesterday.

About 40 participants, mostly DCCI members and local entrepreneurs, took part in the one-day workshop.

Among the agencies involved in the workshop are Matrade (Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation), Small and Medium Bank, Mida (Malaysian Industrial Development Authority) and PPKS (Sarawak Skills Development Centre).

Ujang stressed that good businessmen must also be able to do networking with people and authorities who are able to provide business opportunities and extra information.

“Dayak entrepreneurs must be prepared to work closely with other successful businessmen from the Chinese and Malay communities so that they can learn from their experiences, knowledge and skills in doing successful business,” he said.

He added that good businessmen must know how to be thrifty.

“Once you have started business it is important that you are prudent with your financial management.

“Successful entre-preneurs also should know how many projects they can do for the moment and not do beyond their ability,” said Ujang.

Ujang quoted Benjamin Franklin’s line that says ‘the way to wealth is as plain as the way to the market.

It depends chiefly on two words – industry and frugality – that waste neither time nor money, but make use of both. Without industry and frugality nothing will do’.

He also believed that Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) would definitely open new challenges and vast opp-ortunities for businessmen.

Therefore, he urged the Dayak entrepreneurs to prepare to take up these challenges.

He praised Smidec for organising numerous workshops throughout the state.

“These efforts will certainly be able to provide information as to the various facilities and opportunities made available to businessmen by Smidec,” he said, adding that DCCI would continue to organise more relevant workshops and seminars for the Dayak entrepreneurs in the future.

Earlier DCCI executive secretary Terence Temenggong Jayang said the workshop sought to create awareness among the Dayak entrepreneurs the opportunities and facilities available in government agencies, including government grants.

“It is hoped that through this workshop the Bumiputera entrepreneurs will know better the facilities offered and whether or how to qualify,” said Terence.

He said yesterday’s workshop was DCCI’s second this year after the one held in Sibu on April 23.

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