Sunday, March 22, 2009

BDA welcomes complaints for Bintulu’s good

BINTULU: Public complaints and reports to the local authority are most welcome especially when they pertain to the improvement of the town, particularly the enhancement of public infrastructure.

Bintulu Development Authority general manager Mohidin Ishak (pictured left), when met recently at his office, said BDA welcomes ideas that could help BDA provide good service to the community.

“I welcome the highlighting of isuues of general public interest, but please don’t just give us empty complaints without recommendations,” he said.

He wanted the public to keep reminding the authority of things that needed to be done so hat the town could continue to be improved.

He admitted that there were always problems to be solved, especially those related to floods.

“In connection with this, people cannot totally blame us because we cannot stop the changes in global environment,” he said.

“So that’s why we are now planning to raise the ground level in older parts of town.

“For that matter we have to build houses at a certain ground height because the sea level has risen dramatically and low-lying areas will get flooded.

“At the same time, we will continue to improve the drainage system in an around the town,” said Mohidin.

Regarding traffic flow and signboards at Parkcity Commercial Square – matters raised by Kidurong assemblyman Chiew Chiu Sing recently – Mohidin said they would study the situation carefully, taking all the people’s interest into consideration.

“I know about the traffic congestion here and there and I admit that the junction is always packed with vehicles.

“We will study it first. Maybe a one-way flow is better,” said Mohidin.

He added that when people complain, it means people are concerned about the town and hence BDA will treat the complaints seriously.

He promised that every complaint would be discussed carefully, but please don’t complain today and expect the problem to be solved the next day.

“We have nor problem repairing or upgrading certain things as we have enough money, but we need to follow proper procedures,” he said.

“I agree with Chiew that we need to improve all the facilities,” he said.

About signboards at Parkcity Commercial Square, Mohidin agreed they are important as visitors want to know which way to go. This will be given full consideration by BDA.

Turning to drivers, he urged them not to park on yellow or white lines, adding that every infrastructures had a particular purpose and function and should be appreciated.

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