Sunday, February 22, 2009

Call for systematic hierarchy for educators

MORE SYSTEMATIC: Ahmad (seated fourth left) with KGBS Bintulu branch members after the AGM

BINTULU: Sarawak Bumiputera Teachers’ Union (KGBS) yesterday called on the Malaysian Education Ministry to systemise the grade hierarchy of teachers to reflect job responsibility (administrative work) and seniority.

Its chairman Ahmad Malie said the Education Ministry’s efforts in giving promotional grades to teachers in DGA29 to DGA32 (KUP) category through a time-based procedure had created a puzzling situation in the present hierarchy.

“We are confused with the extensive appointment with regards to the promotional structure in use today, especially among educators in primary schools.

“Most teachers in primary schools nowadays came from the DGA32 (KUP) category, which had caused an uneasy feeling among senior educators like headmasters and senior teachers also holding the DGA32 grade,” Ahmad said.

He said they wanted the hierarchy to be arranged in a systematic order due to dissatisfaction among senior educators like headmasters and senior teachers undertaking huge responsibilities and a lot of work.

They share a common grade with teachers they supervise who have fewer administrative responsibilities.

“We’re not against their promotion or displeased with them (teachers under them) since we share mutual goals and objectives as educators, but hopefully the ministry will look into our suggestion to systemise the hierarchy,” said Ahmad, adding that the proposal has been forwarded to the ministry for consideration in November last year.

Ahmad said at a press conference held at a hotel here after chairing the KGBS Bintulu branch AGM yesterday that no timeframe was given to the ministry to accept the proposal, but he hoped it can be approved for the good of all teachers in Malaysia.

He believed that the proposal, if endorsed by the ministry, could be utilised in all primary schools in Malaysia to benefit teachers.

Among the suggestions by KGBS are to upgrade the grades of DGA40 (new post) for senior headmaster, DGA38 for excellent headmaster, DGA36 (new post) for headmaster (before DG34) and DGA34 for senior teachers (before DGA32).

“The new systematic position hierarchy must be set up as a sign of appreciation to senior teachers for their sacrifices and efforts in bringing up human capital for the country.

“Even though there are no differences between them and teachers under their supervision having the same grade of hierarchy for now, the responsibility as an educator is the priority for them,” Ahmad pointed out.

He said the Education Ministry must consider the proposal since it would create a clearer guideline on jobs and responsibilities of administrators in primary schools in particular.

It would benefit any teacher given a promotional post, not only selected teachers.

To date, KGBS has more than 200 members in Bintulu branch and more than 6,000 members throughout the state, said Ahmad.

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