Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brush off fault-finding politicians, says CM

BINTULU: Government officers involved in disaster relief operations should simply ignore politicians, who are only good in finding faults when disasters struck.

Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, in giving the advice, described this type of bystander politicians as ‘unfair commentators and cheap politicians.’

Stressing that disasters were difficult times, he said the people should rally their support behind the relief workers instead of making unfair comments.

“We can’t do the job well with some commentators looking for faults all the time.

“Even animals know what to do when there is a big fire in the forests. They would ‘think of ways’ of helping each other to escape the fire safely and that should be the spirit we should look at,” he said.

Taib however, did not say which politicians he was referring to.

The chief minister lamented that many people in the state, including those living along the river banks, were badly affected due to the prolonged wet weather which triggered floods and landslides.

“In spite of all these incidents of bad weather, he had very little casualty,” he said.

He hoped people affected by the disasters would know that they could ask for help from the government, but they should not harp on asking compensation from the government.

He, however assured that the government would provide the necessary assistance to the victims.

“I would like to remind victims to register themselves at the Resident or District Offices,” he said, adding that only then the authorities concerned would know the type of assistance to be given to the victims.

He praised all those involved in the disaster relief operations state-wide for their effectiveness and untiring efforts in discharging their duties to help the victims.

“I am really proud to see how our operations teams handle the job with effectiveness. This is because all the machinery is structured all the while,” he said.

“They did the job not because of the pay, but because they want to help,” Taib said.

He was also happy to note that there was no report of any outbreak of communicable diseases such as cholera during the floods.

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