Friday, February 6, 2009

BDA cannot rest on its laurels, says GM

BINTULU: “With all the praises on BDA (Bintulu Development Authority) for developing Bintulu, we cannot rest on our laurels,” said general manager Mohidin Ishak (pictured left).

In fact, praises fro BDA should be embraced as challenges, to ensure a continuity of development in line with its vision to turn Bintulu into a Friendly Industrial City, he said when closing the Bindac (Bintulu Development Authority Conference) programme yesterday.

Mohidin was recalling a keynote address by Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud during the Bindac official opening ceremony the previous day.

In the keynote address earlier, Taib acknowledged that Bintulu is the ‘shining part’ of Malaysia where others could learn from the success of developing a small fishing village into a vibrant town, adding that Bintulu has an advantage to jump-start projects under SCORE.

Mohidin said as far as the BDA success was concerned, it was important to put on record that BDA would not be able to act effectively on its own.

“It needs others to assist, particularly from the federal and state governments, the community and private sector,” he added.

“We have participated successfully in the conference, where knowledge gained and experiences shared will further help us all in the ‘giant leap’ efforts of developing Bintulu, the region within SCORE and the state of Sarawak in general.

“The papers presented and subject matter deliberated encompasses a wide scope of development agenda,” Mohidin said.

Recognising that most of the papers were mainly informative, he said those papers were meaningful in creating awareness in helping BDA and the public sector to chart a new strategies in the implementation of projects.

“I do recognise that some papers are really good, something new that we never ponder about it in our planning process,” he said, at the same time congratulating all the speakers for their efforts in the conference.

Mohidin in the meantime thanked all the delegates for participating and hoped the knowledge and experiences gained would be shared in their workplace so that all of them would have a common vision – to develop Bintulu, SCORE and Sarawak in general.

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