Thursday, January 29, 2009

Proposed: Dance and music academies for a friendly city

BINTULU: It’s time to set up more dance and music academies in Bintulu town in line with its aim to be a Friendly Industrial City by year 2020.

This suggestion came from the manager (Environment Section) of Bintulu Development Authority (BDA), Wan Ibrahim Wan Ali, representing its general manager Mohidin Ishak at an appreciation dinner for Sri Budaya Bintulu dance troupe recently.

Ibrahim said this should start now, in tandem with the town’s development.

He called on government, private and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to begin considering performing arts as a crucial industry to be nurtured for the entertainment of dwellers in a developed city.

“Sri Budaya Bintulu formed in 1999 under the supervision of the Minsitry of Social Development and Urbanisation Office (KPSU) is a good example of a dance troupe which is extremely active in Bintulu,” Ibrahim said.

He said BDA would be supporting performing arts bodies like Sri Budaya Bintulu.

A good foundation is important when nurturing local talents in the performing arts.

A school or academy of performing arts would allow talented people to contribute to its development in the division, Ibrahim said.

He revealed that a museum will be built in Bintulu in the near future but before it opens to the public, it must have something to offer, particularly in terms of art.

“We don’t want the museum to be filled with international paintings and handicrafts, for example, but will focus on local arts,” he said adding that the museum to be built in the centre of the town will need more effort from local artists.

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