Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ops to ensure traders don’t hike prices

Below are the list of 11 priced-controlled items (retail and wholesale) in Bintulu, Tatau and Sebauh. Maximum retail and wholesale prices of price-controlled goods:
Khalid Abdul Hakim
BINTULU: The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (DTCAM) here is to conduct an operation from Jan 18 to Feb 2 to ensure that traders do not hike the prices of controlled items.

The ministry’s enforcement chief here Khalid Abdul Hakim told reporters that his officers and he himself would be on the ground to monitor the situation.

He reminded traders, be they wholesalers or retailers, to abide by the relevant trade regulations, warning that strict action would be taken if they flout the laws.

Khalid pointed out that anyone found selling price-controlled items above the ceiling price could be imposed the maximum compound of RM7,500 or not less than RM250 under the Price Control Act 1946.

“As stated in the regulations for controlled items, traders should display pink-coloured price tags on these items,” he said.

Those found not displaying the pink tags and failing to put price tags on the items they sell could be fined a maximum of RM7,500 or not less than RM100.

The officer also said traders who were yet to apply for the licence to enable them to sell price controlled good should do so before the upcoming festival.

“Actually we have been issuing the licence since Sept 24 last year, and traders can still apply for them until Feb 2,” he said.

Those who had the licence were automatically entitled to continue using the licence issued by the ministry for the sale of controlled items during three festive seasons.

He said the licence was free of charge.

Khalid, who had earlier held a meeting with wholesalers in the division assured that there would be sufficient supply of controlled goods here for the coming festive season.

He assumed the post of enforcement chief here about a fortnight ago when the acting enforcement chief Balraj Singh was appointed the ministry’s enforcement chief in Sibu.

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