Thursday, January 22, 2009

MP: People-police cooperation crucial to security

BINTULU: Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing (right) wants to see better security in the country in 2009, calling on the people and the police to cooperate.

He said citizens must have trust in the police and should not hesitate to offer information that could help in bringing criminals to book.

“If you have given your full cooperation but the police did not do their job accordingly, I know what to do,” he said without, however, elaborating on what he actually do.

“The people must understand that the country’s security is a joint responsibility that should be shouldered by everyone, especially when it comes to fighting crime,” he added.

The MP was speaking to reporters after attending a special briefing on the security in Bintulu Division at the Resident’s Office here.

Illegal immigrants, crime, lack of police manpower and land issues were among the main subjects touched during the briefing.

The briefing was attended by heads of government departments and agencies, including the police, immigration and customs.

Village heads and other community leaders also attended.

Asked on the involvement of illegal immigrants and foreigners in criminal activities here and in other divisions, Tiong said they had noted the issue and had a few round of discussions with the police on how to overcome the problem.

“The police have taken drastic action and I think so far we control quite well.

“Of course, unfortunately there would be cases of people being robbed,” he said.

Tiong did not explain in details as the cases were still under police investigation.

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