Saturday, January 24, 2009

More non-Bumis needed in dentistry, say dental officer

ORAL HEALTH: (From third left) Thaddius, Tan and Dr Un with Rotarians, dental officers and children from the Salvation Army

BINTULU: The number of non-Bumiputeras working in government dental clinic, particularly in Bintulu is low.

Hence it is timely that dental clinics here recruit more non-Bumiputera officers and dental nurses.

This was pointed out by divisional dental officer Dr Thaddius Herman maling when conductin a career talk for youths from the Salvation Army during Oral Health Awareness Day.

It was jointly organsied by the Rotary Club of Bintulu and a dental clinic at its premises along Jalan Abang Galau.

Thaddius said there should be employees of diverse races in dentistry, so it was possible for employees to take time off during festivities.

“I only have two Chinese- a dental officer and a dental nurse- which is not enough to accommodate the large number of patients,” he admitted.

He said prospects in dentistry were good and that they could get better payment and incentives if working for the government.

They would also have opportunities for further studies and to attend courses to upgrade their knowledge and skills. This would lead to promotions and increase in salaries.

Thaddius said those with PMR, STPM and tertiary education could apply to be dental surgery assistants, dental nurses, dental techno-engineers and dental officers.

He said those interested in careers in dentistry can apply through Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA) using an 8i form from its website at

The basic salary is RM862.73 with allowances for an assistant in dental surgery; RM1,493.44 for dental nurses and dental techno-engineers; and RM2,366.55 with benefits and allowances for dental officers.

He hoped the on day talk would give exposure on dentistry as a profession and instill oral health awareness among youths.

Teeth, according to Thaddius, is vital for the general health of humans since the body needs power generated from food, and teeth is needed to eat-that is good teeth equals good nutrition.

“It doesn’t matter how nice the food is if you don’t have good teeth,” pointed out Thaddius.

He said teeth were related to self-esteem and personality as good teeth gave confidence to interact with people, such as in job interview.

Earlier, dental officer Dr Goh Ee Shung conducted a health talk on healthy teeth and how to achieve it.

Also present at the function were Rotary Club of Bintulu president Dr UnChuan Hock, Salvation Army Captain Tan Guat Hai and Rotarians.

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