Thursday, January 22, 2009


FUN TIME IN THE WATER: Residents ham it up for the camera.
Flash floods unexpectedly struck Bintulu town on Friday evening (Jan 8). It affected most of the low-lying areas like Kampung Baru, kampung Masjid, Kampung Kamunting and Kampung Jepak. Rising water levels also inundated stretches of roads in the town centre. The prediction of continuous rainfall over the next few days might see flash floods revisiting residents in low-lying areas. The obervation made around the town about 8pm Friday found most of the traders busy moving their belongings to higher grounds. The traffic flow was badly affected as drivers conscious of the risky situation decided to slow down their vehicles. One of the residents in Kampung Baru when met in fron of his house said the water started to rise around 5pm. He added during that time the water level in the nearby stream was rising pretty fast and by 6pm the village was under water even though the rain was not that heavy. Meanwhile, one of the residents in Kampung Kamunting in a telephone interview said this time the flood was bad in their area. Unlike last year, the flood caused by the downpour on Friday evening was unexpected, he said, adding that this was probably due to the poor drainage system. What made it worse was the strong wind, he said. In another scenario, a food stall operator in Kampung Baru was seen operating his business despite the main road and the village premises under water. Personnel from the Fire and Rescue Department patrolled the affected area in case the residents needed their assistance. As usual, children played in the water without fear for their safety. It was said the roads to Pandan were closed due to flash floods last Friday evening.
Some of the pictures taken on Jan 8 at Kpg Baru and around the centre of the town

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