Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kite Festival Adds New Dimension

OVERALL CHAMP: Talib (second left) presents the challenge trophy to the overall champion from Kelantan for winning in the national level Wau competition while Ujang (left) and Razali look on.

DIVERSITY: The Japanese kite flyers played their local musical instrument while the women who are wearing a Malay traditional attire of baju kurung and tudung shows their local dance rythm.

Just-concluded event will make Bintulu one of the best tourist destinations in Malaysia.

The just-concluded Borneo International Kite Festival (BIKF) will take Bintulu into the world tourist map as one of the best destinations to visit in Malaysia, said Jepak assemblyman Datuk Talib Zulpilip.

He said the festival, which attracted international participants, had added another new dimension to the state’s tourism industry.

Bintulu was not only known as an oil and gas industry town, it was also recognised as a happy melting pot for its people and also for tourists, said Talib during a dinner reception for BIKF participants at Parkcity Everly Hotel last Sunday night.

He said Bintulu would continue to organise events and festivals, which could gather all people together, especially amongst international tourists.

The success of this festival also showed that the collaboration and teamwork among the organising committee members, government agencies, non-governmental organisations and corporate sectors were vital, he said.

He said the festival would not only benefit the spectators or participants but could foster good relationship among the organising committee in terms of the importance in the fellowship spirit in organising an event.

Talib stressed that the success of the festival was based on good planning and execution, as well as support from sponsors, participants and residents of Bintulu.
Meanwhile, the coordination committee for BIKF co-chairman Resident Dr Razali Abon said Bintulu had been very lucky to have been chosen to organise the event as it could boost Bintulu’s tourism industry and contributed to the development of the town and its people.

“Through this festival the people here can have a social interaction not only among the town dwellers but also have mix-and-interaction among the tourists,” he said.

“The interaction he said will unite the people as the main reason of gathering in the festival is to share common values and interests,” said Razali.

The international tourists, who had an opportunity to witness the kite festival this year would hopefully, take home ‘beautiful memories of Bintulu’, said Razali, adding that the organising committee also hoped that they would come back for the 2009 festival.

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