Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ADTEC Bintulu all set to receive students

BINTULU: Advance Technology Training Centre (ADTEC) Bintulu, which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, is all set to take its first batch of students by January next year.

Its director, Dr Ramli Rashidi, said that for a start, about 200 students would be admitted for the first intake and this would gradually increase to about 2,500 students by 2016.

“We are all set to offer engineering courses with dual certification namely; Malaysian Skills Diploma and Diploma of Engineering Technology which are accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency in six disciplines to our first batch of students by the first week of January next year,” Ramli told The Borneo Post at his office here yesterday.

He said the six courses offered were diploma in oil and gas, diploma in automotive, diploma in welding, diploma in electrical engineering, diploma in air-conditioning technology and diploma in mechatronics.

He said the centre already had 30 lecturers all ready to start work.

“Our target is to have at least 15 students per lecturer to ensure that we can produce skilled workers for our own market especially for the needs of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable energy (SCORE),” he said.

The centre was set up at a cost of RM162 million and an additional RM72 million for state-of-the-art equipment.

Ramli added that the centre was willing to collaborate with industry players to train their workers so as to improve their knowledge and productivity, without the need for them to be full-time students.

“This way we can train more skill-workers in a shorter period of time. This will definitely give flexibility to both students/workers as well as their respective employers,” Ramli said.

He also hoped that the government would recruit more qualified lecturers for the college (ADTEC) to produce top quality students.

Ramli also said the lecturers themselves had to continue improving their own skills so that they could improve their teaching methodology.

Ramli, who hails from Kampung Ajibah Abol in Kuching obtained his first degree in engineering from Brighton Polytechnic (UK) in 1988 and his PhD in Technical Vocational Education & Training from Universiti Tun Hussein Malaysia (UTHM) in collaboration with University of Bremen, Germany last year. He is the first Sarawakian to lead an ADTEC in the country.

There are eight ADTECs in the country and ADTEC Bintulu is the first one set up in East Malaysia.

The centre comes under the manpower department of the Ministry of Human Resource.

Meanwhile, three lecturers from three different states said that they were very enthusiastic about getting started next year and hoped that ADTEC Bintulu would one day become the best centre in the country.

Romales Ramli, 37, from Kuala Kedah, Kedah, heads the oil and gas dept, Wan Nor Maawa, 26 from Tumpat, Kelantan and Stevenson Gurumun, 32, from Sabah are automotive lecturers.

Entry to ADTEC Bintulu is SPM with credit in at least three subjects including BM, Mathematics and Science/Physics/technical subjects and a pass in English (MQA requirement) or SKM level 3 and a credit in at least one subject. -BP

Culture of respect deeply entrenched in Sarawak

Posted on August 27, 2013, Tuesday

BINTULU: The culture of respecting one another, especially in celebrating major festivals, is still very much entrenched among Sarawakians.

Assistant Minister of Tourism Datuk Talib Zulpilip said this mutual respect among all races in the state can be seen in major festivals, not only during Hari Raya but also Chinese New Year, Gawai and Christmas.

“All races are celebrating the festivals together, regardless of the Orang Ulu, Iban, Chinese, Malay and others and we are visiting each other’s houses,” he said.

Talib said this during the Hari Raya gathering cum an event to celebrate the victory of Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing at Kampung Datuk recently.

It was jointly organised by the Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK) of Kpg Datuk, Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party.

Talib added that the goodwill between the races in the state is so concentrated and the residents can live in unity and harmony, thus facilitating the growth of Sarawak.

“Last time, our road here is very bad but now the situation has improved but the road network should be upgraded due to the increase in number of vehicles,” he said, adding that the rapid development that exists in the state is a result of peace and harmony among the multiracial community.

In the meantime, he urged the people not to succumb to the culture of hatred and disparaging remarks on social sites which can cause instability and disunity.

He also admonished a group that accused him of not visiting his constituency.

“During the last election, there is a group saying that ‘I don’t go to the ground’, it’s not true because based on the record, I’ve been on the ground 50 times a year,” he said, adding that lots of incorrect accusations were thrown against him by irresponsible parties.

He thus reminded the people to realise that a slanderous culture is very misleading because sometimes people who do not know the real facts might be victimised by the malicious act.

Responding to the people’s request to upgrade the main road from the village to the town centre and for additional street lighting, he said the JKKK management should write a formal letter to Bintulu Development Authority and Sesco and send copies to the Bintulu MP and himself for further consideration.

During the function, Tiong donated RM10,000 for Kpg Datuk JKKK and RM3,000 to the event while Talib increased the allocation with another RM3,000.

The function was also graced with a flag-flying ceremony in conjunction with Malaysia’s Independence Day to be celebrated on Aug 31.

Also present were Talib’s wife Datin Dr Zaliha C Abdullah, Bintulu MP’s political secretary Zaiedy Nor Abu Nasir, Temenggong Abang Suhaili Abang Mohamad, Pemanca Rosli Kamaruddin, Kpg Datuk JKKK chairman Kaderi Junaidi, Penghulu Mahli Hamzah and other locals.

Spotlight on Kampung Datuk for brighter streets, upgrading of roads and drainage

Posted on August 27, 2013, Tuesday

BINTULU: Street lighting facilities and upgrading of major roads including drainage system in Kampung Datuk, Kpg Masjid and Kpg Siong towards Taman Sri Dagang in the town centre, is indispensable for the safety and convenience of road users.

The chairman of the Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK) of Kpg Datuk Kaderi Junaidi said the request for street lighting is because the main road is quite dark at night, thus inviting crime such as theft, burglary and other negative elements.

He said the number of vehicles using the road is increasing and there is a need for it to be upgraded to avoid heavy traffic congestion during peak hours.

“Similarly with a spotlight installed in Taman Sri Dagang areas, it can also be installed in Kpg Datuk so that the area will be brighter,” said Kaderi when speaking at the Hari Raya open house recently.

He also urged for an upgrade on the drainage system in the village.

On a lighter note of advice, he added, “I also hope those renting houses in the village will respect their neighbours by slowing down the volume during their karaoke session.”